Relaxation Music - Classical Indian Flute by Music for Deep Meditation with Vivek Sonar

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Improve the quality of your meditation and enhance your productivity during waking hours with this gorgeously crisp, high fidelity recording of the sound of the Classical Indian flute.

In this new release from Music for Deep Meditation, the Classical Indian flute is
masterfully played by Vivek Sonar, one of the senior disciples of renowned legend Hariprasad Chaurasia. Vivek Sonar's style conveys incredible beauty, depth and stillness, reminiscent of his teacher's but clearly his own. This recording features a different raga or Indian musical scale that allows for deep meditation.

The Music for Deep Mediation series is designed to help your body and mind relax and accompany your deep meditation practice. We invite you to explore our collection at http://www.MusicForDeepMeditation

Produced by Vidura Barrios

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